Euribor (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) is a benchmark giving an indication of the average rate at which banks lend unsecured funding in the euro interbank market for a given period. It is the rate at which euro interbank term deposits are offered by one prime bank to another within the European Monetary Union zone.

Individual Euribor rates are the end-product of a calculation based upon submissions from a bank panel. To ensure the greatest possible accuracy and to make it senseless for the rate to be manipulated, Euribor’s panel comprises a large number of active players in the euro zone money markets of varying types, sizes and locations. The 43 banks currently on the panel range from savings banks to cooperative banks, and from regional to international institutions, and so forth.

Given such different business models and banking strategies, finding a common interest between enough members to influence the index would be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Current Euribor Rates provides you daily with the current Euribor rates.

Current Euribor Rates
period 13-June-13 12-June-13 11-June-13
1 month 0.120% 0.120% 0.119%
3 months 0.209% 0.208% 0.205%
6 months 0.320% 0.319% 0.315%
12 months 0.504% 0.504% 0.502%

In the following table, presents you the 43 banks that sit on the Euribor panel.